Upon taking over management of a property, we conduct a thorough inspection to assess and record the condition of the building systems. From there we make a maintenance plan to address immediate needs and to schedule improvements and repairs.

We also schedule and track all seasonal and preventative maintenance, such as furnace checks, fire safety inspections, gutter cleanings, etc. The plan includes a schedule and pricing for grass cutting, common area cleaning and general property upkeep.

To minimize expenses, we leverage our extensive contacts in all relevant building trades. We have established relationships with high-quality, competitively-priced subcontractors who can handle small or large-scale projects. We solicit competitive bids from multiple contactors for all major repairs and improvements.

We provide your tenants with a 24-hour emergency maintenance number and coordinate emergency repairs on nights and weekends.

For non-emergencies, tenants can submit maintenance requests through an online work order system, that enables us to respond quickly and to track all ongoing issues. Our goal is to make repairs quickly and in a cost-effective manner.


Our goal is to maintain a positive relationship with your tenants by handling all communication with courtesy and professionalism. We provide timely notices of any repairs and inspections, and respond promptly to all tenant requests and inquiries.

To streamline rent collection, we offer tenants the ability to pay rent through an online tenant portal. We maintain up-to-date ledgers and respond immediately to any delinquency. Although we are usually able to collect all outstanding rent and associated late fees, we also have experience managing the eviction process.

We are proactive about communicating with your current tenants to identify future vacancies in advance of lease end dates. As soon as we know a tenant plans to move out, we coordinate with your leasing agent to appropriately market the unit. Our role is to ensure that the marketing is current and accurate and to recommend price adjustments if necessary.

To minimize the duration of vacancies, it is our priority to make any necessary repairs and deliver a clean, tenant-ready space as quickly as possible.

We handle lease renewals for existing tenants, negotiating new rent amounts in keeping with your specific building strategy. We charge a commission for lease renewals that is separate from your monthly management fee.


Each month, we provide you with a detailed financial statement showing all income and expenses. This monthly statement reports the status of rent collection, bill payment and ongoing maintenance issues.

We handle all bank deposits and outgoing expenses, while providing you with complete oversight of the property’s finances. We deposit funds and write checks exclusively from the account(s) you set up for the property, and perform regular bank account reconciliations. At the end of the tax year, you will receive electronic files for accounting and tax purposes.

Part of our responsibility is to maintain detailed records of all leases, rents and expenses. We use an electronic management software to record all work done on the property and keep a record of contractor insurance and license documentation.

To find out more about the services we offer and our pricing, please call (203) 252-1384.